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     Upper Room Ministries began April 4th, 1999 at the Holiday Inn on Old Dixie Highway. In May of 1999, The Lord moved Upper Room Ministries to 213-G Arrowhead Boulevard in Jonesboro, GA. At the time, the church had four members which included Pastor Collins, Co-Pastor Collins, their daughters Monica and Makia. The Lord then blessed Co-Pastor and Pastor Collins with another daughter named Maya Collins in 2000 and later a special son Zamari.

     During the year 2000, the church was under heavy pressure but Pastor continued to believe in God. God challenged Pastor to preach and teach as though she was preaching to hundreds and hundreds of people. God began to add to the church more and more in 2001. As membership increased, the church had to relocate. Upper Room Ministries moved to 587 Garden Walk Boulevard, College Park, GA in August 2002. The church continued to grow, membership continued to increase in numbers, many heard about the signs and wonders flowing from the house of God. The Lord started to add unto the church as he saw fit.

     Upper Room has been known for its style of developing the entire family with interactive bible study for all, a low-cost summer program that enables the children to come to a safe environment filled with fun in the sun in Jesus name, a low-cost pre-K school for children ages 2-4 and a low-cost private school for kindergarten to 12th grade. These schools allow parents to obtain private schooling for their children with God being the foundation in their curriculum. God gave the names Joshua Christian Academy for ages 2-4 which began August 2004 and URMCA 2006. We have seen great results in our school with our first graduate having the honor to have luncheon with the governor of our state, Nathan Deal, and his wife, Ms. Sandra Deal. God has really blessed our schools to see our children grow spiritually and academically with a proven track record of academic success.

     Upper Room Ministries have also developed the entire family through involvement in various church auxiliaries which include the Mass Choir, T.D. Collins Anointed Voices (ages 13-25), Youth In Action (ages 2-12), The Drama Team, Usher Board, Nurses, Deacon and Deaconess Board, Spiritual Dance Team, Praise Team, Leadership Staff, Men of Power, Women of Power, Music Staff, Tape Staff, Cooks, Armor Bearers, Ministerial Staff, Hostess and much, much more for the family to be a part of the family of God.


     Upper Room Ministries service times are Sunday School at 9:00 a.m. this allows the family to spend quality time together and Wednesday Bible Study at 7:15p.m.  We invite you to come out and share an Upper Room experience.

Our Leaders

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